"Neither shall they say, 'Lo here! or, lo there!' for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you." Luke 17:21

Kingdom in You Yeshua Mashiach

Turning over every Judeo-Christian, Hermetic, and Holistic Medical Rock on the Path to the Kingdom Within

Kingdom in You Ministry Activities

Holistic Counseling Book and Certification Program

Breakthrough Healing Method Uniting The Worlds of Mind-Body Medicine & Psychology which is so effective because it employs the basic principle that the I AM lives in everyone and this is the release point for mental-emotional-and-physical suffering.

Messianic Kabbalah with the Heart of Yeshua

Bringing you Kabbalah, with the Heart of Yeshua. Jewish mysticism, without the schism. Messianic Kabbalah Blogs and articles exploring the Tree of Life, studying passages of Torah, examining ancient Jewish and Christian beliefs, through the lens of Kabbalah with the Heart of Yeshua as the guiding Light.

Kabbalah Book about the Letting Go of Free Will

Book 1 of "The Last Four Books of Moses" - Kabbalah insights on the path of letting go of Free Will, how that is done, why we might want to do so. This is similar to Self-Realization, with some distinctions. Also introduced in this work is the idea of homeopathic remedies "encoded" into the Torah for healing our genetic, ancestral karma.

naturopathic doctor and homeopath

Naturopathic Homeopathic Medicine

Dr. Moshe Daniel Block is a naturopathic doctor (ND), homeopathic master clinician (HMC), NMI Vitalist (VNMI), and Vis Dialogue Practitioner (VDP from Holistic Counseling Program) and specializes in helping people with all forms of illness from around the world by employing the Kingdom "I AM" Lives in You principles as part of his Ministry.

Book on the Philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine

The Revolution of Naturopathic Medicine is a book designed to helps the naturopathic student, doctor, healer, and patient, understand their role in the shift away from the allopathic paradigm (symptoms and disease based treatment), which includes the conventional and naturopathic medical models as they are currently practiced, into the holistic, healing paradigm.

Naturopathic Doctors for Truth

Naturopathic doctors, medical doctors, and other specials guests choose FREEDOM of SPEECH here over the censorship seen in the medical and naturopathic medicine profession during the Covid "pandemic". Punchy images, great articles, and riveting LIVE discussions make this website a must for people wanting to wake up from the lies the government and health organizations have been attempting to pull over our eyes.

The Moe-Joe Cell Alternative Energy Device

One of Dr. Moshe's inventions, the moe-joe cell is a spherical Joe cell. Alternative energy device to improve fuel mileage and for healing. The sacred geometry of the cell balances the Yin and Yang energies and surrounds the water with a spherical balanced magnetic field, which radiates outward for healing and evolution of consciousness.

Electroculture Lightning rod

Electroculture for Heaven and Earth Growth of Crops

Dr. Moshe uses electroculture on his own land and has gotten remarkable results. Antennas (lightning grounds), subterranean wires, magnets pointing north, alignment with north pole, these are the simple things you can do to greatly increase crop yield and speed, pestilence resistance, improvement of soil nitrification, resistance to drought, and more. Website under development.

NuHu - Practical/Spiritual Ideals for Humanity

A proposed vision for healing and uniting the world under a flag of peace. Universal Principles everyone can agree upon (in direct contrast to being ruled by tyranny). Plans for healthy energy. Releasing knowledge for deep healing. Every Person is Precious in Nu Humanity.

The Psalngs of Solomon - Psalms as Songs Album

Psalms as Songs. The Psalngs of Solomon are part of 'The Solomon Healing Project' along with NuHu (Nu Humanity, formerly called "Nutopia.cc" - Poetic Inspirational Kabbalistic Music that is healing for mind, heart, & soul, and based onthe writings in Dr. Moshe's book "The Nu Testament of Solomon."

Dr. Moshe Guest Lecturer

Guest Lecturer At Your Synagogue/Church/School

Dr. Moshe Daniel Block is an inspiring speaker and leader, helping people to awaken to the Kingdom that lives inside of them. With a lighthearted yet profound method of delivery, Dr. Moshe can have your group in laughter and then deep silence as they question their very fiber of reality that has allowed them to believe themselves so separated from God and the healing power of Nature. Hire him to come speak at your congregation/gathering/medical school.

Myasthenia Gravis Natural Holistic Cure

Did you know Dr. Moshe was diagnosed with this supposedly "incurable" disease? Did you know he helped heal himself and now specializes in his practice helping people globally with mg, using the same amazing healing principles found in his Ministry philosophy?