About Kingdom in You Leadership - Moshe Daniel Block

Dr. Moshe

Moshe Daniel Block, ND, HMC, VNMI, VDP, the founding minister of Kingdom in You, is a naturopathic doctor (ND), homeopathic master clinician (HMC), Vitalist of the Naturopathic medicine institute (VNMI) and a Vis Dialogue Practitioner (VDP), from his certification program of Holistic Counseling. He practices medicine where he focuses on helping people become aware of where the root of the problem underlies their suffering and illness (in the mind). He specializes in Mind-body medicine (Holistic Counseling) and homeopathy.

Dr. Moshe also enjoys studying and practicing inner and lab alchemy, along with Kriya Yoga - they’re practically the same thing under two different names. He ever endeavors to continue deepening his knowledge in these fields, along with astrology and Kabbalah. He is an author - The Last Four Books of Moses (Kabbalah), The Revolution of Naturopathic Medicine (Philosophy of Naturopathic medicine), and Holistic Counseling – Introducing the Vis Dialogue (on mind-body medicine meets Psychology). Researcher into orgone, vibratory physics (John Keely, Nichola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger), and alternative energy technologies (Moe-Joe Cell, Joe Cell, Electroculture, and other healing waters). Dr. Moshe is the founder of Nuhu – a proposed ideal for a Nu Humanity (formely called Nutopia.cc).

He is a singer/songwriter, and has designed, performed, and produced the album, “The Psalngs of Solomon,” which are Psalms as Songs inspired by his fascination with King Solomon.

Dr. Moshe has turned his unique gift for living and healing and simplifying principles and concepts from many different cosmologies into the sharing he offers in Kingdom in You ministries.

The entire basis of his work involves understanding the unified principle, which some like to call, The Law of One… that all is One. Everything that IS makes a part of this One. That is the meaning and sponsoring force of everything involved in Kingdom in You Ministries.
It really can’t get much simpler.
That doesn’t mean it’s easy.
It just is, was, and shall always be.